“We evolved from carbon, and it will ultimately be our death. I am an artist, writer and 21st century consumer, searching for answers to my presence on the planet.”

Kai Lossgott’s award-winning work investigates human agency and the personal elements in green politics. It has been exhibited in South Africa and abroad at venues such as the Johannesburg Art Gallery and MuseumAfrica, Johannesburg; Arnot Art Museum, NewYork; Whitechapel Gallery, London; Museum of Contemporary Art Maracaibo, Venezuela; Austin Museum of Art,Texas; Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples; Bell Roberts Gallery and blank projects; Cape Town.

Research & Production in progress on PROJECT CARBON (2014).


talking to the tree outside my window while I sleep

“With images delicate as pinpricks on skin, Kai Lossgott translates the dreaming human body into a universal anatomy of nerve and leaf and root – fragile but resilient. This luminous work is a love poem, an invocation, and a declaration of communion with a complex living world.” (Henrietta Rose-Innes, winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing 2008)

read these roads.   Kai Lossgott.  2014.  Inkjet Pigment Print on Archival Paper from video (2009), detail.

read these roads

The evaporating water puddle images in this stop frame animation hint at the living systemic relationship between Table Mountain’s hydrology systems, the City of Cape Town’s water system and the biological systems of the human body.  This is a video poem of unfulfilled desire for the lost personal bond with the natural world.  The soundtrack of the video is taken…